Best of the Best Variety Box
Best of the Best Variety Box

Best of the Best Variety Box

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Get a taste for 25 of our best selling snacks.

+ The Variety Box includes:

The variety box includes the following snacks
Boulder Canyon Potato Chips - Hickory BBQ
MMMORE Raw Treats – Choco Power Cube
Snowy Mountains Snacks – Honey Mustard Chickpea Splits
Koja Protein Bar – Salted Caramel
Tixana Light & Tangy Active Probiotic Snaps
Cobs Natural Popcorn – Lightly Salted, Slightly Sweet
Empire Grassfed Beef Jerky – Original
Blue Dinosuar Paleo Bar – Lamington
Googys Protein Bar – Sea Salt
Shelby’s Dipped & Dusted Almonds – Raspberry & Dark Choc
Health Lab Protein Ball – Choc Brownie
Brookfarm Explorers Blend Trail Mix
Shelby’s Peanut Butter Coconut & Dark Choc Bar
East Bali Cashews – Sea Salt
Nutty Bruce Nut Butter Balls – Dark Cherry Choc
Jc’s Originals The Rancho Mix
Picky Peanuts – Sweet Chilli Lime
Keep It Cleaner Protein Ball - Cinnamon Doughnut
Carob Bear – original
Keep it cleaner protein bar – choc fudge
So Vegan Coconut Bites – Strawberry
Luv & Co Probiotic Bar – Peanut Butter & Jelly
Emma & Toms Egg White Protein Ball – Peanut Butter
Nutty Bruce Nut Butter Balls – Salted Caramel
Slim Secrets Craving Crusher Protein Bar – Cookies & Cream